Coaching Philosophy

Tayte’s motivation for coaching is to support everyone, beginners to elites, throughout their unique journeys as runners. Tayte’s training plans cater to each athlete’s unique situation and training preferences, while focusing on long-term development and life-time enjoyment of running.

110$ Per month, personalized coaching plans

Tayte Pollmann

Meet the Coach

Tayte runs professionally for the Nike Trail Team, writes for the American Trail Running Association and coaches remotely through his online coaching service. Tayte hopes to inspire people to discover the joy of running and to follow their dreams. He travels around the world frequently for events and currently calls Utah home.

I look forward to working with you to pursue your goals and get the most out of yourself as a runner. Tayte’s training plans reflect elements from many different running styles, drawing from his background in track, cross country and trail running. He believes in training smarter, not always harder and knows the most important part of being a runner is to love and enjoy the sport.

I look forward to working with you to pursue your running goals sustainably and to love the process!